Lucy Hood is a freelance journalist with extensive experience writing for newspapers, wire services and magazines in Latin America and various parts of the United States, mainly Washington, DC, Texas and North Carolina. She specializes in issues related to education, immigration and personal finance, but has written about everything from holiday gift giving to Guatemalan coup attempts. This blog will focus — more or less — on her various interests, which also include dance, photography and travel.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. growingmygirls

    Hey! Glad to find this and look forward to following it!

    • Cynthia, thanks! So glad we’re back in touch. I looked at your blog again last night, and it looks great. We’ll have to talk again soon, swap ideas, suggestions, troubleshooting tips. Making my way through WordPress is a bit of a challenge. The various media, widget, and page buttons don’t always read my mind. 🙂

  2. Great start! Can’t wait to follow the toast. Hope you will add a travel section and join me next summer for some adventures south of the border.

  3. Lucy – Great to discover your blog! Your background and your interests will keep me intrigued for a long time, I’m sure. Let’s get together to talk about photography. Best wishes! – Jerry

  4. Dennis Gray

    Hey Lucy- nice blog! Felicidades y gambatte kudasai!!

  5. david lauricella

    Post a Tango video!

  6. I’ll call my friend Bobby Duvall and see if he’s game for making one. 🙂

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